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Martha Washington geraniums

Gardeners in the United Kingdom know these as regal geraniums. What are called geraniums are, in truth, pelargoniums, their close relatives.
Susan looking after her young Marthas.
A small portion of our Marthas are brought in as rooted cuttings from a grower out of state, and the rest, the majority, are started as cuttings from our own mother plants. Most of these beautiful varieties have to be propagated here since they are unavailable from any wholesale grower. Because it takes several months to get them well-rooted from cuttings, please understand that when they run out, more will not be available until the following year. Potting them up and growing them onto flowering size is a slow, careful process. It is worth the wait, seeing their colors.
Large flowers of raspberry red are very attractive.
Eye-catching flowers of purple and white.
This is apropriately named, with it richly colored flowers of a dark red that are thinly rimmed in silver.
Rose Bicolor
Flower color is a rich overlay of rose on white.
Marthas in Limited Quantities follow :  
African Queen
Her flowers are a rich, royal dark red with an even darker center or blotch to each petal.
The colors of the flowers are white and strawberry, with the strawberry being elongated blotches down the center of the petals.
Brown's Butterfly (or Black Butterfly)
Slightly ruffled in a very dark red, almost black. The size of the flowers are slightly smaller than average.
Cherokee's flowers are rounded, ruffled and a two-tone combination of light pink below and dark red above, with white throats.
Dapper Burgundy
Dapper Burgundy is a dark and rich reddish hue, actually the color of burgundy wine.
Elsie Hickman
As the stems grow longer on this plant, they cannot hold themselves upright very well, and tend to splay out and cascade. This is not bad trait when several are planted together as a hanging basket, where the prostrate stems will droop over the container's edges. Each flower has a large white throat. The lower petals are a mid pink, and the upper petals are mostly a rich, very dark red. All three colors stand out well. The petals are large and rounded. The overall effect is very pleasing.
Flower Basket
This Martha has pink flowers, and her stems grow long and lax, filling out sideways as well as growing taller. So this plant makes a very nice hanging basket when two or three are planted together. And being tolerant of drying out between deep waterings, does very well all summer long, as long as she is given a bit of shade during the hottest part of the summer's day. Strong, but diffuse light would be ideal.
Georgia Peach
A true "self," being a pure, solid light pinky salmon. Each flower is large and ruffled.
Little Rascal
This has clusters of smaller flowers. More than half of each flower is white. The upper petals are a rich purplish red, rimmed in creamy white. The clusters of small flowers are very showy.
Reddish salmon with a dark blotch on each of the upper petals. A very lovely flower in shape and color.
Mostly a pure, creamy white. This is just a small, light touch of lavender pink at the very center of the upper two petals.
“Mini Martha” (name unknown)
This has clusters of smaller flowers. The colors are white and purplish red. The two upper petals are mostly this dark, purplish red however bleed to a lighter shade and are pure white at the edges of the petals. The three lower petals are mostly white and each petals has a spot of light purplish red in its center.
New Gypsy
Its petals are much thinner, giving it a star-like shape to the flower. Combines a variety of colors in white, pink and dark red, with dark blotches on the upper petals.
Orange Parfait
This has a strong, rich reddish salmon, with ruffled edges, a rounded shape and a lighter heart.
Roger's Delight
Unique among the Marthas, in that the leaves are strongly scented of lemon. The origins of this plant are unknown; it seems to be a cross of a scented-leaf geranium and a Martha Washington geranium. The color is pink with a hint of magenta, with darker blotches on the two upper petals.The three lower petals are lighter in color.
Unknown “pansy-face”
This has clusters of smaller flowers. The growth of this is lax, with sprawling stems that make for a nice hanging basket, if two or three are planted together. The upper petals are dark red bleeding into white, and the three lower petals are pure white.
Combines several shades of salmon in a ruffled flower. The upper petals have dark blotches. Roger's favorite geranium.
White Champion
A large, pure white flower that is ruffled. A flower with a solid, pure color is known as a "self," which this is.
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