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Viola 'Fiona'

Viola 'Fiona'Viola 'Fiona'

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•  perennial viola
•  flowering season: spring and again in fall; where summers are not too hot they will flower all summer
•  height: 4 to 6 inches
•  Light requirements: strong light but partial shade during the hottest part of the afternoon
•  Soil requirements: average to rich
•  Water requirments: average
•  Growth habit: grows as a clump
•  How to propagate: divide in early to mid-spring; rarely sets seeds
•  Leaf type: small, round light green leaves
•  Ways to use it: it is happy near the front edge of a flower garden, or to edge a path; also grows well in a container to be placed where you can enjoy it up close
•  Special characteristics: by mid-summer a plant may grow tall and flop open; if this happens, cutting it back by half to two-thirds is a good idea
•  Other points of interests: this is a hybrid of several species that were chosen for their long flowering season and for their long life

This has medium large flowers of cream color with a delicate shading of pastel violet to the edges that are very sweetly scented. Cold hardy to USDA Zone 4.


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