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Telekia speciosa

Telekia speciosaTelekia speciosa

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•  common names: yellow oxeye
•  flowering season: summer
•  height: foliage at 2 - 3 feet, with flowers to 5 feet
•  Light requirements: sun to partial shade
•  Soil requirements: average
•  Water requirments: average to low
•  Growth habit: a large clump
•  How to propagate: dividing in spring or early summer
•  Leaf type: 1-foot long light green leaves
•  Ways to use it: in a flower bed planted behind shorter plants; in a less formal garden setting
  • Special characteristics: long lived and needs less care than most perennials

    The scale of this easy-care perennial is large. It can be coarse for some settings in the garden. I like a large herbaceous perennial such as this for several different purposes. For instance, sited where it will be viewed from a distance where its large size will not disappear into the distance as would a more dainty plant. Also to offer contrast in scale to other perennials. Where low maintenace is a priority, a group of Telekia could be a good choice. It doesn't seed itself around to become a problem. And neither deer nor slugs bother it. The jagged edged leaves are light green and grow large, to about a foot long. The height of the leaves will be two to three feet. Taller stems to five feet carry golden petalled flowers in summer that have particularly thin petals. For full sun or partial shade. Once established it does not require a lot of water. Also known as Buphthalmum speciosum. USDA Zones 3 - 7 in the East, Zones 3 - 9 in the West.


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