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Manfreda (Agave) 'Spot'

Manfreda (Agave) 'Spot'Manfreda (Agave) 'Spot'

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•  common names: manfreda, deciduous agave
•  flowering season: summer
•  height: leaves at 12 to 15 inches, taller flowers
•  Light requirements: full sun, afternoon shade where summers are especially hot
•  Soil requirements: average soil that drains well
•  Water requirments: average to dry
•  Growth habit: grows as a clump of shoots
•  How to propagate: dividing in either spring or early fall
•  Leaf type: pointed gray-green leaves that have medium dark brown spots of various sizes
•  Ways to use it: grows well in the garden or will live happily in a large pot
•  Special characteristics: survives a greater degree of cold

A hybrid between Manfreda virginica and Manfreda maculosa (“Texas tuberose”), this plant has gray-green leaves speckled with sizable spots of reddish brown. A Cistus Nursery introduction, it is cold hardy USDA Zone 5 (-20F) when situated where the soil drains freely. It can either lose its leaves temporarily during winter or be evergreen depending on how cold the temperatures in winter become. Where temperatures stay above +30F it will be evergreen. Where temperatures drop below that, it will lose its leaves, but quickly recovers and grows new leaves in spring. Older plants, in time, will grow into a thick clump of shoots connected at their roots. The leaves grow to a height of 12 to 15 inches, with taller flower stems to 4 feet. The flowers lack colorful petals, but have especially long pistils and stamens.


flowers of Manfreda (Agave) 'Spot' 

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