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Iris graminea

Iris gramineaIris graminea

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•  common names: plum scented iris
•  flowering season: spring
•  height: 12 inches or slightly more
•  Light requirements: filtered light or shade
•  Soil requirements: average
•  Water requirments: average
•  Growth habit: grows slowly wider as a clump
•  How to propagate: dividing in early summer
•  Leaf type: thin upright green leaves
•  Other points of interests: finding such a bright flower in the shade is a treat

In May small reddish purple flowers nestle among the dark green, arching leaves. At close hand they are scented of plums or apricots, not strongly, but lightly. Interesting seed pods follow in fall that have narrow, slightly winged ridges. This iris grows well in average soil. It prefers partial shade. Twelve to sixteen inches tall. Cold hardy to USDA Zone 5.


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