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Kniphofia 'Toffee Nosed'

Kniphofia 'Toffee Nosed'Kniphofia 'Toffee Nosed'

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•  common names: torch lily,  red-hot poker
•  flowering season: older plants are in flower for most of summer beginning in June or early July
•  height: 2 feet
•  Light requirements: full sun, half a day of sun will do
•  Soil requirements: average to rich and well drained
•  Water requirments: will survive in a dry landscape although it will grow better and flower more profusely with weekly deep watering during summer
•  Growth habit: a slowly widening clump
•  How to propagate: divide in spring or early summer
•  Leaf type: narrow and moderately long
•  Ways to use it: grows well with other flowering perennials in the sunny garden; grows well in a large pot on a terrace or deck where it will attract hummingbirds up close to you house
•  Special characteristics: its upright, spiky flowers have lots of character and are a focal point among other flowering plants, especially contrasting nicely with mounding and cushion shaped perennials; it doesn't need much care once planted other than regular watering; gardeners in climates colder than USDA Zone 6 should give it winter protection such as covering with a mulch or a large basket turned upside down and weighed down with a large rock on top

'Toffee Nosed' is in flower for an extremely long time, and for this reason and for its subtle coloring of cream and light brown it is a favorite. John Whittlesey of Canyon Creek Nursery was generous to share this with us more than a decade ago. The height of Kniphofia 'Toffee Nosed' is two feet. USDA Zones 7 - 9, and to zone 10 in the West.


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