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Corydalis lutea

Corydalis luteaCorydalis lutea
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  • common names: yellow corydalis (pronounced cor-'id-a-lis)
  • flowering season: all summer into fall
  • height: 8 to 12 inches
  • Light requirements: shade
  • Soil requirements: not fussy about its soil
  • Water requirments: average water; drought tolerant
  • Growth habit: a low clump
  • How to propagate: transplanting its seedlings
  • Leaf type: light green and ferny
  • Ways to use it: seeds itself about in the shade to become a groundcover to a greater or lesser degree
  • Special characteristics: although it looks very fragile, the plant is tougher than it looks; when grown in a pot be sure not to over water it because it survives drought better than it does soggy soil
  • Other points of interests: individual plants may live only a few years, but before dying will be replaced by offspring -- a colony of this plant is self perpetuating
Growing eight to twelve inches tall, the texture of this plant is delicate with its lacey fern-like leaves and golden flowers. It is one of the longest blooming perennials in the garden. It spreads abundantly to naturalize in shady areas, however it's not much of a weed and is easily removed where it's not wanted. It seems to be more popular in Europe than here in North America. It would get my vote as one of the top ten plants for a shady garden. Hardy to USDA Zone 5.

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